FNA is a Safe Biopsy Procedure that Provides Quick, Cost-Effective Diagnosis

dcl photo 5FNA (also known as fine needle biopsy) uses a small needle to collect cells or liquid from the body. It is commonly performed with ultrasound. The material is removed from a lump or mass under the skin. The biopsy allows doctors to make a diagnosis of the problem and determine if cancer is present.

A Safer, Easier Method of Tissue Sampling

FNA is important for many reasons. It makes biopsy easier for patients, as well as places the focus on getting results and moving forward with treatment as quickly as possible. It is considered safe and there are very rare complications. It reduces the anxiety associated with diagnosing medical issues and provides patients with a quick diagnosis in situations when the time is critical. The ultrasound-guided biopsy can be used as an initial diagnostic procedure or following other tests.

Additional Benefits

Fine needle biopsy can be performed the same day an abnormality is discovered. In most cases, results are available at the time of the biopsy with full diagnostic reports available within two days. FNA is also efficient and cost-effective since it is at a small fraction of the cost of a surgical procedure.

Patients often prefer FNA because of its simplicity. It is an outpatient procedure with very minimal discomfort. A local anesthetic is used at the site of the needle puncture. Occasionally there might be very mild swelling or bruising, but most often a small adhesive bandage is the only dressing necessary.

High Accuracy

Fine need biopsy provides results that are considered 98 to 99 percent accurate and allows you to get an answer without the stress and expense of surgery.

Expertise from Experience

Our team of FNA Specialists at DCL Pathology is one of the largest and most accomplished FNA clinics in the country. We have performed more than 50,000 fine needle biopsies during our clinic’s 30-year history. We see patients from a wide region, including Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky, and often receive consult cases from across the U.S. Our medical team includes physicians who are active members of education committees of the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP).

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