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Indianapolis Fine Needle Aspiration Experts

The DCL Pathology team is a gathering of highly experienced doctors who are specially trained in anatomic and clinical pathology as well as other specialty areas including cytopathology. The team has grown in number and expertise for over 30 years.

Uniquely Independent

DCL Pathology is an independent group. This independence is a benefit to the doctors and patients that we serve. Significantly quicker response times & lower costs are just a few of those benefits.

Uniquely Experienced

Although the team has solid experience in all routine areas of pathology, an exceptional level of expertise has been achieved in a few key specialty areas. Here are a few areas where the team’s pathology expertise stands out:





Fine Needle Focused!

The team of FNA Specialists at DCL Pathology began seeing patients in 1984. Since that time we have become one of the largest and most accomplished FNA clinics in the United states. We serve the Central Indiana medical community, as well as surrounding communities and states.

Recognized Expertise

As uniquely recognized experts in FNA, DCL sees patients referred from physicians all over Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Missouri and routinely receives consult cases from across the United States. The team has provided training and education for pathologists and other specialists across the US for over 30 years.


At 50,000 and counting, the number of Fine Needle Biopsy cases that we have evaluated over the years is a testament to our dedication to the specialty service and our client’s confidence in the science and our capability to meet their needs.