Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) at DCL Pathology

DCL Pathology 4DCL Pathology is a College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited lab which provides FNA (also known as fine needle biopsy), a minimally-invasive procedure used to diagnose tumors and masses. With FNA, a small needle is used to extract fluid from a mass in order to create a sample for pathologists to make a diagnosis. Our team of experts, who are nationally recognized as leaders in the field of FNA, offer a level of knowledge and expertise that comes from having diagnosed more than 50,000 cases over the past three decades.

Rapid and Accurate Results

The wait for test results can lead to great anxiety. At our clinic, you get an initial diagnosis usually within an hour. Because the entire process is performed within our clinic by FNA experts, we are able to provide the highest quality diagnosis without unnecessary expenses.

If a diagnosis is serious, quick results mean medical professionals can begin work immediately on a course of treatment. Early diagnosis can often be key to effective treatment; fast results give patients the best options for treatment. Our on-site FNA specialists are able to process samples quickly and accurately to ensure each result is diagnosed with close to 100 percent accuracy.

Physician Recommended

DCL Pathology is located in Indianapolis, and we see patients from throughout the state, as well as from Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky. At times, consults are sent to DCL Pathology from physicians across the country. We have a reputation for quick, accurate results, making us a top choice for patients and physicians who need FNA.

Leaders and Innovators

Since 1984, we have been a respected name in the field of pathology, adopting innovative approaches to testing and evaluating abnormalities in tissues. In addition to FNA, we also participate in clinical trials that help direct treatments. We also provide contract pathology services to major labs and local health networks.

DCL Pathology is one of the leading providers of biopsy using FNA. We provide a comfortable environment and quick result. If you have received a referral from your doctor or would like to learn more about the procedure, please contact us.