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Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) is a Safe, Minimally Invasive Method for Retrieving Tissue Samples

FNA (also called a fine needle biopsy) is used to collect abnormal cells from a lump or mass of the body. It is less invasive and less risky than surgical biopsy. This simple procedure requires just a short visit in an outpatient clinic setting, and patients are able to return to their normal routines immediately following their visits.

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How is FNA Performed?

  • Patients are required to do nothing special in advance of their FNA procedure. There are no dietary restrictions. You can eat and drink normally prior to the procedure. Let your doctor know if you are taking any medications, so he or she can decide if they will interfere with the procedure.
  • During the FNA, patients are awake and alert. Local anesthesia is used to numb the area into which the needle is inserted.
  • When the affected area is located, ultrasound images are used to guide the needle to the correct location. 
  • Once the needle is inserted into the affected area, a small amount of tissue is removed. Fine needle biopsy is less invasive than surgical biopsies.
  • Multiple samples will be collected, each taking approximately 10 to 30 seconds, which reduces the chance that an additional procedure will be needed. Once removed, the sample is examined under the microscope. The entire procedure lasts approximately 20 minutes.
  • The doctor will confirm the specimen is adequate and likely provide a preliminary impression, although additional testing is performed to confirm the initial findings. During the review, the doctor will also discuss post-biopsy instructions. Your entire appointment will typically last about an hour.
  • Most patients who undergo FNA are able to return to normal activities immediately. The doctor might recommend using an over-the-counter pain reliever to deal with any mild discomfort from bruising that occurs after the procedure.

DCL Pathology is one of the leading providers of FNA and ultrasound-guided biopsy. We provide a comfortable environment for patients to undergo testing. If you have received a referral from your doctor or you are looking for more information about this procedure, please contact us.

I was very anxious about this procedure before I got here. The staff was so compassionate and friendly that I felt at ease. Thank you for being so kind and understanding.

Thank you very much! Quick procedure and everything was explained in great detail! Wonderful staff and Doctor!! Thank you!!

Very informative and open. Very friendly, staff and Doctor!

Everyone was very professional, while at the same time calming and reassuring. Thank you so much!!

Extremely personal, as opposed to “clinical.” So much better than two previous biopsies at a Hospital.

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