The FNA Specialists at DCL Pathology understand that dealing with a worrisome health issue is stressful in many ways. The medical concern of this “unknown” alone is enough of a burden, but the time and expense can become a real challenge. We want to assure you that we understand and have considered your medical, time and financial concerns in delivering the most positive experience we can.

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Why Fine Needle Biopsy?

Fine Needle Biopsy (FNB) is a less invasive method of providing an accurate and useful diagnosis to the referring physician while minimizing the anxiety, pain, risk, and expense for the patient. The biopsy results will allow the physician to efficiently plan appropriate follow-up care.

Are there any pre-op preparations I must make?

No special preparations. You are encouraged to take regular meals and medications prior to your FNA biopsy visit.

Will the doctor put me to sleep for the procedure?

No. You will be fully awake during the procedure. Only a local anesthetic is needed.

Is Fine Needle Biopsy painful?

The procedure is about as painful as a “little rubber band snap.” The doctor numbs the surrounding skin with lidocaine. Of the several methods available for taking biopsies, fine needle biopsy is the least painful.

How long does the procedure take?

The actual sampling of the lump is completed in moments. An additional 30-45 minutes are spent with the physician as he/she describes the procedure and answers questions you may have. In total, patients should expect the appointment to last for about one hour.

When will I learn the results?

The doctor will usually inform you of the preliminary findings before you leave. Your referring physician will contact you with the final diagnosis.

Are there any side effects?

The sampled area may be slightly swollen and tender for a day or two. About one of ten patients experience a small bruise similar to the kind that can occur when blood is drawn.

When can I resume my routine activities?

Immediately. Nothing about the procedure interferes with your ability to perform normally.

How will I be billed?

DCL Pathology will file all insurance claims on your behalf. If you do not have insurance, DCL Pathology will establish a payment plan for you.

Where will I go for my Fine Needle Biopsy?

We have two FNA Clinic locations, one in Carmel, IN and one in Greenwood, IN. The DCL Pathology main office is located on the north side of Indianapolis at 10291 N. Meridian Stree, Suite 100, Carmel IN, 46290. Our satellite office is located on the south side of Indianapolis at 679 E. County Line Road, Greenwood, IN 46143.

If you are uncertain of where your appointment is scheduled, please contact us at 317-874-1254

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I was very anxious about this procedure before I got here. The staff was so compassionate and friendly that I felt at ease. Thank you for being so kind and understanding.

Thank you very much! Quick procedure and everything was explained in great detail! Wonderful staff and Doctor!! Thank you!!

Very informative and open. Very friendly, staff and Doctor!

Everyone was very professional, while at the same time calming and reassuring. Thank you so much!!

Extremely personal, as opposed to “clinical.” So much better than two previous biopsies at a Hospital.

Fine Needle Biopsy Experts

Rest assured that your physician has referred you to the experts; the most focused and experienced in providing fine needle biopsy services. Open longer than any other FNA clinic in the country, our FNA Specialists have an understanding that comes with successfully evaluating over 50,000 cases.


As the only independent out patient FNA clinic in the state, we have a unique opportunity to respect and protect your time.

  • Scheduling: Your appointment is set to occur within a few days as requested by your doctor and at a convenient time for you.
  • Office Visit: Your entire experience will typically last no more than an hour.
  • Result: Preliminary results are typically discussed with you before you leave.


As an independent out patient facility. Your cost is significantly less than that at any alternative inpatient or radiology facility. It is our Focus, Experience, and Dedication that develop understanding.

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