DCL Pathology is a private, independent pathology team offering highly collaborative pathology services. With over 20 years experience in more than 500 clinical trials, we are internationally recognized as expert providers of clinical trial pathology services, with particular expertise in women’s health, urology and oncology studies.

What Makes DCL Pathology Different?

The DCL Team has a positive and uncommon impact on each trial it is involved in. The team’s ability to integrate all key components of a solid trial (pathology, technology, data, IT, project management, and regulatory compliance) makes a difference for our clients. Our broad and in-depth experience, collaborative style, and integrated approach become most apparent in trials involving unusual and complex anatomic pathology.

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The DCL Team

Our pathology team includes doctors specially trained in anatomic and clinical pathology. They collectively offer experience of leadership and involvement in laboratory operations, quality assurance, IT, and Project Management. We apply the leverage of their knowledge and experience for the benefit of our clients and their patients.

Decades of Experience

DCL Pathology has over 20 years experience providing services for clinical trials, nationally and internationally, earning a reputation for excellence as a pathology partner to sponsors, CROs and central labs. We have also participated in more than 500 individual trials at the professional pathologist level.

Our pathologists work closely with project management, quality management and Laboratory Information Systems coordinators. They have designed, implemented, evaluated, and audited quality systems with labs as well as outside providers for more than 20 years. Team leader Carol Eisenhut, MD, has extensive experience as laboratory director, being an integral and daily part of the quality management/quality systems team.

Data Systems Expertise

We offer extensive experience in design and configuration of data management systems at the individual project level in multiple laboratory information systems. We’ve worked with project management from all levels, and assisted with protocol consultation regarding patient safety, logistics, medical adherence, validation and regulatory compliance.

Clinical Trials

Our pathologists have participated in device trials and pharmaceutical trials as reference pathologists and as principal investigators, with particular experience in:

  • HPV related disease processes
  • Vaccine trials
  • Diagnostic device trials for HPV and other STDs
  • Multiple blind reader endometrial and cervical cancer trials

We have also served as expert readers for adjudication of endometrial and cervical cancer trials, and have extensive experience in urogenital trials and other oncology trials as pathology review panelists or central laboratory readers.

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