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Understanding Your Clinical Trial

DCL Pathology understands that Anatomic and Molecular Pathology can prove to be a challenging yet critically important component in many clinical trials. We view every new trial as an opportunity to leverage DCL’s expertise in adding clarity, simplicity and excellence to yet another unique and important study.

We begin by listening and asking; which launches a consultative process that allows our clients and partners to more fully capitalize on our wealth of experience. Our goal is to assist in developing the best technical and professional processes possible to provide clear and valuable safety, clinical, and endpoint data.

Clinical Trials Experts

Considering Your Time and Budget

The team at DCL Pathology understands there are plenty of hurdles to clear and barriers to navigate on the path to approval, so we strive to be as interactive and efficient as possible.

Delivering As-Needed and On-Time

When managing or partnering in your clinical trial, we work to provide service that exceeds your expectations. Our technical and professional strength, faster response times, clear feedback, and effective problem resolution practices combine to support our standards of high quality.

We Deploy Essential & Custom Tools Of Our Service

  • Protocol Review and Consultation
  • Streamlined Study Start-Up
  • Requisition and Sample Kit Development
  • Customized Technical Processes
  • Best Practices for Sample Management
  • Diagnostic Dictionary and Scoring Systems
  • Pathology Adjudication Committees

We Strive To Make Data More Useful

DCL Pathology continues to lead in effective data usage. Our commitment to championing codified diagnostic systems began more than two decades ago. Our goal is to convert what is typically lengthy verbiage into more actionable clinical data. Codified and standardized diagnostic nomenclature reduces ambiguity and enables quantification and analysis of pathology findings.

We’re Continually Focused On Quality

The anatomic and molecular pathology specialty in the clinical trial space might be a small segment by overall industry volume, but the challenges can be significant and the impact of quality processes leading to accurate and reliable data is critical for study success. The evaluation of tissue and cellular pathology from subject screening, to monitoring during therapeutics, to study endpoint determinations is often the most critical data.
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