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The FNA Specialists at DCL Pathology have worked as partners in patient care for over 30 years. This experience has yielded a unique understanding about our role in supporting the work of our client physicians.

We understand that when a patient is referred to us, there is an expectation of medical excellence, a positive patient experience and useful and timely results. We also understand that we are an extension of your patient care strategy, and how we perform reflects on your practice.

With all of this in mind, our goal is for you to receive actionable medical information as quickly as possible and hear from your patient that the  FNA experience was a positive one.

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Why Fine Needle Biopsy?

Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNA) is a less invasive method of providing an accurate and useful diagnosis to the referring physician while minimizing the anxiety, pain, risk and expense for the patient. The biopsy results will allow the physician to efficiently plan appropriate follow-up care.

What Can Be Sampled?

Virtually any palpable, superficial  on head and neck mass can be sampled.

Diagnostic Yield

Diagnostic yield is 95% when patient’s specimen is procured by DCL Pathology physicians.

Maintains Patient / Physician Contact

Results are communicated to the referring physician, and the patients will continue follow-up with that physician.

Low Risk

The usual risks for the patient using FNA are minimal tenderness, swelling and bruising of the sampled area.

Low Cost

FNA at DCL can save up to 80% compared surgical biopsy and 50% compared to FNA performed as an inpatient procedure.

Faster Turnaround Time

Preliminary reports are generally available at the time of biopsy. Diagnostic reports are available within 2 working days.

Outpatient Procedure

FNA Procurement takes only 10 to 15 minutes.

No Pretesting Required

Blood work and other clinical testing are not generally not necessary.

Minimal Discomfort

Body site is numbed with local anesthetic, lidocaine.

Less Patient Anxiety

Patients reluctant to have a surgical biopsy may consent to FNA, which may be a sensible option as opposed to the “wait and see” approach.

Specific Diagnosis

Unnecessary additional testing is minimized, and treatment can begin immediately.

Reliable Results

Diagnostic sensitivity is 98-99%.

Quick Results

A DCL Pathology pathologist immediately contacts the referring physician with malignant results, and reports are faxed to the office of your physician upon completion. Pathologists are readily available for consultation.
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