DCL Pathology 5DCL Pathology offers a variety of specialty pathology services in support of physician and clinical trial practice. Our focus and expertise is strongest in Anatomic Pathology, particularly in the area of FNA and clinical trials.

Fine Needle Aspiration – FNA

FNA (commonly referred to as fine needle biopsy) is at the core of our services, providing efficient results with minimal invasiveness. With FNA, a small needle is used to collect cells or liquid from the body, creating a sample which is microscopically examined. FNA is used to diagnose a variety of medical conditions, including cancer and thyroid issues.

We provide rapid results while also upholding the highest accuracy rates. In many cases, visits take less than an hour. This quick turnaround makes us a popular choice for Indiana physicians, as well as individuals seeking testing.

In some cases, the collection is performed in another facility and shipped to DCL Pathology for examination. We provide shipping kits to professionals to make it easier for them to safely send a specimen to our clinic. Once received, we work to accurately diagnose the sample as quickly as possible, providing the information necessary to advise/treat patients.

Clinical Trials

In addition to diagnosing patients, DCL Pathology also regularly performs pathology services for clinical trials. We seek to be on the forefront of medical innovation, helping with new treatments for today’s most serious diseases. Researchers send samples to our facility and our pathology experts review them. Our services are known throughout the country as being quick, efficient and cost-effective, making us a leader in clinical trials.

General and Specialty Pathology

In addition to providing FNA and clinical trial services, the experienced team at DCL Pathology also provides the following general and specialty services:

  • Anatomic Pathology—This is the specialty in which physicians diagnose disease based on microscopic examination of organs and tissue. This includes several sub-specialties:
    • Cytopathology—Cytopathology is specific to the study of diseases at the cellular level.
      • FNA—Through FNA, pathologists remove a cellular sample to be studied under a microscope.
      • Cytology—Cytology refers to the diagnosis of disease based on the study of individual cells. Most common example is the pap smear.
    • Surgical Pathology—With surgical pathology, we diagnose samples removed during surgery at facilities throughout the region.
    • Molecular Pathology—This focuses on the disease processes occurring at the molecular level.
  • Clinical Pathology—One of the two branches of pathology, clinical pathology is the diagnosis of diseases based on the study of body fluids and/or blood.

We are one of the largest and most experienced FNA clinics in the country, with services for patients and physicians throughout central Indiana and the surrounding region.

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